Guide Downloads

Guide Downloads

Here are links to the downloads of all the materials necessary to lead Connecting to Children.

These are PDF files of the session by session instructions for the leader and masters for all the handouts for the participants. These are in Spanish at Vinculandose con los Niños.

The Individual Record is for checking off the completion of the steps for all four modules.
The Attendance Sheet provides a place for the names of the participants and the record of what they do.

D1 — Expressing Warmth to Children

D1 Session Guide
D1 Participant Handouts

D2 — Responding Playfully

D2 Session Guide
D2 Participant Handouts

D3 — Talking Informatively

D3 Session Guide
D3 Participant Handouts

D4 — Attending to Initiative, Cooperation, and Perseverance

D4 Session Guide


If you are considering making this a course for credit, you can download this example of a Course Syllabus

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