Guide Downloads

Guide Downloads

Here are links to the downloads of all the materials necessary to lead Connecting to Children.

These are PDF files of the session by session instructions for the leader and masters for all the handouts for the participants. These are in Spanish at Vinculandose con los Niños.

The Individual Record is for checking off the completion of the steps for all four modules.
The Attendance Sheet provides a place for the names of the participants and the record of what they do.

D1 — Expressing Warmth to Children

D1 Session Guide
D1 Participant Handouts

D2 — Responding Playfully

D2 Session Guide
D2 Participant Handouts

D3 — Talking Informatively

D3 Session Guide
D3 Participant Handouts

D4 — Attending to Initiative, Cooperation, and Perseverance

D4 Session Guide


If you are considering making this a course for credit, you can download this example of a Course Syllabus

Connecting to Children Module Costs

Let’s look at the money involved. One module requires scheduling 10 weekly meetings, each lasting 45 minutes, for three or more staff members led by a Guide (a senior, experienced person) who follows the instructions in the Guide materials for each session.

The Guide needs to be compensated for their time, which could be quantified roughly at $3 per participant per session. The participants who successfully complete the assignments (six investigations and two performances) to a specific standard should be rewarded for their work. A reasonable reward might be a cash stipend of $100 for each of the first three modules, boosted to $200 for completing them all.
If there were 6 participants in these meetings, the guide would earn $18 per session, $180 over the course of the ten sessions.
The participants, all of whom will have documented they improved the life of at least one child, receive a cash reward, which we all know they need. For six people, one module would total $600.
Added together, the total cost for the first module for a group of six, would be $780, which has paid for tangible changes: six new stories would communicate to everyone that in two month’s time positive change happened in a child’s life. Each participant added to the success of the program.

All together, Connecting to Children presents 4 modules. Four ten-week opportunities, forty weeks, total. That can be accomplished in one year. Here are the numbers.

A staff member who completes all the Connecting to Children modules earn $300 for the first modules and $200 for the last module, receiving a total of $500 in stipends.
During that period the guide earns $720 for making it happen.
Total investment (not spending, investment) for six participants would be under $4000—six times $500, ($3000) plus $720 for facilitation.  $4000 for staff development would build lasting competence—not the usual result of listening/attending or workshops/webinars. People would see actual change in what happens every day, visible to the children, families and the funding sources. The staff become more of a unified team; their personal relationships fundamentally change. People laugh more. The products of the work, Performances of Understanding, become part of a personal portfolio to follow them forward: they can show them to others.
Importantly, the funds remain in the center. They don’t disappear in payments for tuition, travel, or consultants.

With the proven results, a $4000 per year investment ought to be easily found, since the results have proven effectiveness. Successful operations invest in people.

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