D2 Projects

Projects of Understanding

Projects of Understanding document the ability to apply the understandings gained in the investigations to work with children. Each participant must demonstrate the ability to positively influence the life of a child or the actions of a group of children. This is authentic assessment, just as driving a car is a performance required to get a driver’s license.

The challenge is to take a problem, which might lead to someone being upset, and, instead of directing or enforcing, follow the child’s initiative in a playful, responsive way, gradually moving the original intent to something that is appropriate and actually fun.

Breanne McCrea

“My brothers, Elijah, age 4, Noah, age 2 1/2, and I spent the weekend playing together while Mom held a yard sale. As soon as Mom began pricing the items with colored stickers the boys took notice. They were given a few sheets of their own and soon started placing them on everything in sight.”


Yolanda Jackson


Angela Bernard

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