Structuring School Opportunities

Planning and Rotation for Workstations

Here is the overview for half of the year.

Below is an image of a planning sheet to keep record of what is put in the workstation boxes. For 20 children I have 5 boxes, each with a symbol or numeral on both ends. At workstation time, the children get the boxes and move them to the table or floor area where that same symbol or numeral is hanging from the ceiling.

Each Friday I set the boxes for the next week. Those dates that have more than 5 checks indicate that I changed out unpopular activities. This is the rotation for the first half of the year for four-year-olds. The latter part of the year had more advanced activities, more challenging puzzles, and the salt boxes. The numeral writing boards entered on January 5 (mylar writing boards). Only in the last months of school did Mathematics materials enter the rotation.


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