Structuring School Opportunities

This cluster offers experiences that I know are transformative for children around ages three, four and five. These have been developed in cooperation with the many people who have walked with me towards the discovery of what seems both satisfying and beneficial.

Stewardship of Play

A socially co-constructed conceptualization of play uncovers the true foundation of education. Here are the ways people learn about the provisions of healthy conditions for play enabling human beings to flourish.

Mathematics and Design

The Mathematics and Design pages step the reader through three essentials: selected materials, coordinated opportunities, and the synergy of one’s friends. When I learned to structure math for young children with design included as one whole idea, I first understood what “curriculum” means. Over that first year with the pieces in place, I saw all children enjoy their own cleverness in a community of designer peers. In twelve pages I offer what I have learned about activities for free play and group time, especially designed for children who have had little experience with this stuff at home. I include a video of a four-year-old demonstrating the skills and concepts of arithmetic that I enthusiastically recommend for anyone wants to understand mathematics education for young children.

Small Group Activities

These are guides for leading small group experiences with a focused intention to creating a planned, routine opportunity for each and every child to learn a new language, make their first friends, and find an adult outside of their family experience who listens and cares for them. Again, this is directed towards those children who have not had these experiences, one of the essential aspects of early education that I especially care about.

A Pedagogy for Ourselves

We don’t really guide others into anything; they are already doing fine. We can become more precise ourselves and, in the process of practice discover what is unfolding. Focus on a few techniques enables us to cause less disturbance to others, like letting a pond settle down so the true reflection can be seen. This page illustrates the structure for ourselves using one of our intentions for children, ages 2-1/2 to 5, to enjoy being fully alive in a community of friends.

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