Teaching College

Teaching Adults In and Out of College

This cluster departs from early childhood education to address what I have discovered about being a professional college instructor.

Best Practices in College Teaching

I offer one short paper in which I have collected and organized specific, visible actions that challenge one to be an effective instructor or professor in higher education.

Making Learning Visible

I offer what Dr. Kalyn Shea Owens and I wrote applying documentation to first year general chemistry. This applies Making Learning Visible (Reggio Children and Project Zero) to group learning at the tertiary level. I have also included a documentation example in developmental algebra in Mike Nevin’s classroom, where a group of five take on graphing the slope of a linear equation.

Connecting to Children

Imagine all adults worldwide — parents as well as pedagogues — altering their inherited habits of relating to children and, in concert with others, co-constructing a more enhanced way of being for their own children’s benefit. Here is a path for local, cultural, and community growth — very different from traditional approaches to adult education. Participants discover their own values and practice how they decide they want to be with children.

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