Conversation Analysis

Conversation Analysis Self-study Form

With all the concepts and tools in place, it’s time to record and analyze a short conversation with a single child.

My experience has shown that people are pretty bummed by their first analysis. What they imagined they could do was nothing like what they actually did, so I want to let you know that one analysis can probably lead to a depressive episode. However, when they do a second, the sun shines down with affirmations. When they do a third, they get pretty amazing results.

Here is a nifty way to transcribe and code in a 6-column table.

Additional Practice

Steven conversation for practice in coding: Steven Not Coded PDFSteven Coded PDF

Self Study

Linked here is a five-page PDF form with form fields to enter information and reflections.

Conversation Analysis Self-study Form PDF

Analysis_Page_1 Analysis_Page_2 Analysis_Page_3 Analysis_Page_4 Analysis_Page_5


I listened to myself talk to my daughter; it was so shady. Then the next one recorded was flowing. Woooohooo! — Erica Martinez

This has been affecting my sleep. I have tossed and turned and talked out loud. I am learning about myself. I can see strengths and weaknesses. Listening is so very important. I just can’t wait until I feel more at ease with this. — Pati Meyer

This was completely life-changing. This has made me a better with all the elementary aged children I work with. My relationships are entirely different. — Erica Solig

Prior to this I honestly dreaded hearing my voice on a tape recorder. Now I find myself constantly recording, listening, and reflecting on the conversations I have with the children and the conversations they have with each other. I also tally the enriching conversations I have with the children in my class; it’s a great strategy. I wish this were a requirement for all teachers. I am having more and more engaging conversations at work with my co-workers, children, and parents, and it spilled over into my social life with my partner, family, and friends. I have never experienced something that had such an impact on me in such a short time. — Whitney Cook

I found changing the quality of my conversations changed the entire tone of my classroom. Children who had not normally talked to me have come out of their shells. I can tell the children feel they are both heard and understood, and it energizes my day. I also noticed that the more the children in my class feel that they are being listened to, the more they actively listen to their peers. — Nancy Dennison


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