Exploring Other Sites

Exploring Other Sites

Here are some treasures you might find interesting.

First, I thank Benj Drummond. He and Sara Steele are multimedia journalists doing the good work on climate change awareness. And I thank Darin Reid, the web guru and photographer, enabling this opportunity. It was too daunting for me to conceive of the structure, method, aesthetics, and coding to do something like this without their help.

Ann Pelo and Margie Carter have a new book that timely, beautiful, and essential. From Teaching to Thinking will bring you along to the work of creating a new story about early education, so we can all get back to creating spaces for children and society that we love and enjoy.



ttomYou probably already know about Teacher Tom’s Blog. He has this amazing compendium of thoughtful perspectives and stories of how places for children become beautiful, positive, democratic, and joyful. He leads it and, to the benefit of the planet, shares not only examples but also the philosophical foundations of early education. When I want to point to something that lives the way it ought to be, I say go there and be with Teacher Tom. Be osmosed.


Deb Curtis and Margie Carter

Margie Carter and Deb Curtis need no introduction to you — at least I think that to be true. I have always found Margie and Deb challenging and joyous. So many books and videos at hand at www.ecetrainers.com — all founded in world-wide experience, discussions with thousands of early educators, and their own loving kindness.

eceteacher.org is Sydney Gurewitz Clemens website with many articles you can reprint. Great, great, long-lasting gifts. Leslie Gleim is a master teacher at the highest level of thoughtfulness and skill who teaches at the Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii. Sydney and Leslie offer their collaborative gem, Seeing Young Children With New Eyeswhat these master teachers have learned from Reggio Emilia. Highly recommended.


projectapproach.org website is managed by Sylvia Chard. She welcomes anyone interested in the Project Approach, whether a novice or experienced teacher, an administrator implementing change, or an individual interested simply in the well-being of children. It is amazing how many things she offers us all at this site. I have learned so much from Sylvia; she changed my life. If you have not yet begun the journey into negotiated curriculum at the preschool or lower elementary level, I think you are missing out on the happiest days of your life as an educator.


The British Colombia Early Learning Framework may just be the finest work of public policy in early education in the world. It is based on a common set of principles that guide the decisions of early childhood educators, early years professionals, service providers, families, communities, and governments, intended to be relevant for all children, regardless of ethnicity, gender, culture, language, temperament, ability, special needs or socio-economic status. I cannot believe that somebody actually allowed professional early educators define public policy in the interests of children and families. What a concept.



London Bridge is a network of child care centres in London, Samia, and Huron, Ontario, Canada, that offers the most congruent set of core values, organizational spaces, and professional development I know. There is joy and hopefulness in their work and the relationships they have with others. “We care about the whole health of our people and understand that optimal well being includes not only the balance of work and family life but also ensuring that mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual health are maintained.”



More Canada! Terra Nova Nature School, in cooperation with the city of Richmond, British Columbia, lets preschool children explore the 63 acre rural park where one fork of the Fraser River flows into the sea. Lots of rain, onshore storms, and down the Fraser Valley arctic flow. That’s nature.