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Here is the Protocol Form for thinking this through with others who have a role in the management of the problem we are having and a link to download a Public Domain copy.

First, and most essential, you have to gather the management team to fill it out together. The team is all the staff who are with this child and the parents or guardians. If everyone on the management team participates in this brainstorming process and helps decide on the program boxes, then all will have a stake in trying to implement it.

You can start without the family, if you wish, to 1. specify the behavior exactly and 2. get some before measures. In my experience I don’t do that. I wait until the family and staff are together, because that first discussion on the Specify the Behavior Exactly is the toughest thing to do in the whole Behavior Management Protocol. It can be a struggle to shift those personal realities to physical realities and get the actions specific enough to work with.

If the problem remains a NOT, such as not attending group time, quit. This protocol does not apply. It’s absence means it’s something to build, educate, or develop over time.

Then one can start filling in the boxes to following the steps we’ve covered, trying to put something reasonable in each box. It’s worth your time not to skip a box. Put in something. At the end, when all of the ideas for consequences, new behavior, and antecedents are visible at once, in step 7 at the bottom are the five boxes for entering the team’s agreed-upon choices.

In my experience it takes 30-40 minutes if the family is involved. A staff group who has done this before can complete the form in under 10 minutes. Yes, ten minutes — instead of hours of a staff meeting with wandering discussions and no cohesion. Been there. Done that. This form creates an orderly agenda for what the team discusses.

This protocol steps the group through the creation of a socially-constructed reality. When all agree, then a new reality exists for the participant group, which is another reason to wait until you have everyone gathered. If one is not included, say the child’s father, that person can say, from their own personal reality, “It won’t work.” and usually not agree to help out.

This form can be freely duplicated from an attachment page, if black click on it anyway. Protocol Form

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