D1 Expressions

Expressions of Understanding

Expressions of Understanding are personal attempts to represent and communicate to others the deep significance of the experience of six investigations, dialogue with others, and listening to other’s implementation projects — the two-month-long investment in positiveness. Participants can use any form or media they wish to convey their new way of being in Expressing Warmth to Children. These examples can give you some idea of the range of possibilities — multiple intelligences at work.

Dramatization by Timmie Harrell

Collage by Maria Larson


Poem by Angela Barnard


If no one listens, I will not speak
If no one asks, I will not tell
If no one smiles, I will not laugh
If no one helps, I won’t succeed

Through smiles and laughter I feel much greater
Through listening and asking I feel important
Through thumbs up and high fives I feel confident
Through hugs and pats I feel loved

A Personal Statement by Claudia Marquez

This has been a great experience, because I gained more skills to be able to help children develop their social skills in a positive way. I can see a positive change in the behavior of children in my classroom. It is getting better every day.

I did it by following these simple guides to expressing warmth:

Descriptions, my favorite, focused ont he positive behavior without having to praise the child. I find this easy to use now and see many positive results.

Non-verbal positive signals are so fun! The children are getting used to them, more than they were at first. It is a wonderful way to have a great time with children.
I want to share all I have learned with my co-workers, so we can work together so we can all benefit, both teachers and children.

A Photomontage by Marissa Webberley


A Letter to My Daughter by Kimiko Hihara

Dear Bridget,

Bridget1I am learning from you a lot these days. Sometimes I forget you have a strong will and feelings, because you are still tiny. I thought that I could make you do things that I wanted you to do. You taught me that I need more patience and understanding. It is better to wait until you want, not because I want.

Sometimes, I forget that I am controlling you. It is easier to control you than to wait until you are ready. You taught me that I need a lot of patience. Sometimes I underestimate you, because you are so tiny.

But, you don’t need to be overpowered, pressured, or be the same as everyone else. You are unique; you just need a lot of understanding, respect, and dignity. It is the same things you want that I want from people. I will show you that I care more about you, and I will treat you with respect from now on. It is simple, yet difficult. Now I ask your patience with me, too. I believe we can make it when we believe in each other.

Thank you, my little child, yet a proper human being.

I love you,




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