Speaking Up for Children

Speaking Up for Children

This cluster offers an alternate discourse for combining our efforts to act for the welfare of all children and families.

Sixteen Capabilities

When I imagine a healthy childhood that enables a precious, unique human being to be all they can possibly be as an individual, do all they can possibly do for others, and act for the welfare of unseen others and the welfare of the Earth, I see a young six-year-old boy and a young six-year-old girl with these Sixteen Capabilities. I see what I have called the vision of the “hot kid” expressed as descriptive outcomes. This is how I would specify the essential outcomes for early childhood education.

Treating Children Compassionately

If you were a child in your own program, how would you want to be treated? The Foundation 15 is a summary of class constructions created by students at North Seattle College collected over a 6 year period. Their thoughts remind us of our challenge to feed the right wolf.

Values for Children, Childhood, and Schools

If you have those two tasks above, you can add this.

  • BELONGING We ensure the perception of being included.
  • WELL-BEING We offer an ethics of care for health in all its dimensions.
  • RECIPROCITY We are becoming and changing in a passionate, compassionate, and aesthetic relationship with those whose lives we wish to enhance.
  • PARTICIPATION We invite the participation of all into creating our possibility and defining our opportunity in spaces that are open and somewhat indefinite.
  • JOY  We playfully open up and take in to experience our relatedness.
  • WHOLENESS We conceive of others as whole, capable human beings connected to others.
  • TRUST We listen carefully to discover the ways of being of others as we stay truthful ourselves.
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