Image of the Teacher

Image of the Teacher

How rare is it for adult educators to be listened to and held as being competent?

In my experience, when we bring The Image of the Child forward, creating dialogue about image, and Pedagogy of Listening, creating a dialogue about reciprocity, to our education of adults, the understandings Carla is reflecting to us are as simple for them to uncover as pulling back the bed sheets.


I am hoping that Reggio can inspire a transformation of teacher education, too. I know it won’t be easy. The transformation will not flow down from the leadership of our institutions or traditions of research. It will come from human sources. It will come from documentation of learning of children and of teachers. It will come from eked-out hours with cameras and computers and paper cutters and glue. It will come from stories of learning teachers, similar to Carla’s Laura and the Clock. It will come from stories captured before they are lost, keenly chosen, and well told. It will come from the resulting dialog together about the meaning therein and the image of the teacher-as-learner we construct together.


The transformation will come when we see the rights of early educators. Those wonderful people, who are working with children in their most formative years, no matter where they work, are learners, too. We can dialog about the image we hold of them that is welcoming and encourages them to come out. We will be able to see that transformation when we no longer have “training and technical assistance” and people begin to stop telling those who are working with children every day what to do and what to know.


As if we knew…