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I offer what I have found in my work with children, college students, their educators, theorists, friends, and my father — all of whom have contributed so much in deep, joyous discussions. I share what I have learned to do and elaborate upon over many years, proving to myself and others — through continuous action research — that these ways work for learners, educators and communities.

That something “works” means (1) what the children do is congruent with my values, and (2) I am aware that I am authentically present in the moment fully aware of everyone being enthusiastic, participatory, and thriving.

That something “works” comes with constant reminders that the provision of educational spaces is a journey towards an aesthetic, through research and uncertainty, moving towards a never-obtained ideal. We are “on the way to becoming” as Mortimer Adler put it, acting with loving kindness, compassion, and equanimity.

It is my belief that caring educators of the world, if given chance and opportunity, will naturally work together toward a more evolved perspective of reflective, collaborative educational leadership, in commonly-funded schools, where participants are enabled to construct spaces, open risky dialogue, and be present in a reciprocal relationship with others.

actionresearchCheck out these people who do amazing work.

I thank Benj Drummond and Darin Reid, as Elegant Contraption, for enabling this opportunity. It was too daunting for me to conceive of the structure, method, aesthetics, and coding to do something like this without their help.
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